Growing #HugosEarthquake: The 9 point plan to develop the Campaign

Hugo’s Earthquake is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run homeless campaign which is based in the UK. It was established in November 2015 and has been successful at raising awareness and changing perceptions of homelessness in the country, especially through local, regional and national media. C&S Earthquake has been created as a parent organisation to the Campaign as it takes it steps to becoming a fully Registered UK Charity in 2020 and help create a sustainable, working financial and legal model around it.

This is our 9 point plan for growing Hugo’s Earthquake:

  • To help establish satellite hubs in different areas and regions of the UK, helping to spread the message of the Campaign and also allow for local issues to be tackled in that specific area.

  • Hugo’s Earthquake staff/volunteers will form part of Homelessness Forums set up around the country, to allow a ‘homeless voice’ to form part of local housing and homelessness strategy planning.

  • To create a bespoke website for the Campaign which will help the homeless, people working in the sector and our supporters access information they need and require.

  • The Campaign will set up a Campaign and Research Department where we can carry out specific work around issues effecting or causing homelessness and create papers and evidence to submit to local, national or Government inquiries.

  • Volunteers and supporters are what have grown the Campaign to the size it is today. Hiring a member of staff tasked with training and recruiting volunteers will allow our grassroots to remain active and flourish.

  • To be able to employ and train staff to do front-line work in helping the street homeless access services, in partnership with other agencies.

  • Creating a portfolio of work which will allow us to bid for front-line contracts in Local Authority areas or Government programmes.

  • For our Director and Lead Workers to be able to work on the Campaign full time and ensure we have a continuous growth and sustainability strategy, whilst ensuring our work is to high standard and properly safeguards everyone.

  • To grow and develop our Press Office to allow for clear, quick and concise information between the Campaign and media outlets, employing Press Officers to help spread the positive messages of the Campaign and get more supporters.

These plans are ambitious and we require your assistance to help achieve them.

C&S Earthquake has set up a Membership Scheme which allows supporters to pay a small monthly amount ranging from the price of a single takeaway coffee, 1 lunch in a cafe or an evening takeaway meal for one. In return C&S offers discounts and exclusive offers to members who sign up, including a free training session on public speaking! A fixed amount of your monthly contribution goes directly to Hugo’s Earthquake on the front-line). See more about what percentage of your donation goes to our projects here.
We also accommodate individuals or organisations that want to support our work in a one-off donation and welcome the opportunity to discuss partnership work in return for donations.

Hugo’s Earthquake Campaign has grown to become an influential mouthpiece for the homeless and we appreciate and value any help for us remain in that position and grow.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch – our emails are below. Thank you for reading and we look forward to working together to help tackle homelessness in the UK!

Duncan Cushenan & Hugo Sugg
Co-Founders and Co-Directors
C&S Earthquake Ltd.
Email: |