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Welcome to C&S Earthquake Ltd.

C&S Earthquake specialises in running and managing campaigns whilst also creating and contributing to research pieces. Our overall goal is to help make and build a world where it is a better place for everyone, through different campaigns and movements. We offer consultancy and advice and services to individuals and organisations about campaigning and research at a price affordable to you.

Currently we run a homeless campaign which raises awareness of the issue and challenges public perceptions and we are in the process of setting up an end knife crime campaign. Using the media as one way of getting messages out there, we have a track record of keeping the news story about an issue alive with the help of our press office.

We offer unimprovable prices to organisations, individuals and charities looking to set up or manage an existing campaign. Using a team of experts from across the field creating, enhancing and managing campaigns is our speciality. We also offer event management and public speaking services.

By clicking here you are able to send your campaign and research ideas to our dedicated team and get feedback within 2 working days.

Because we work to help deliver social justice, we commit to always reinvesting our profits back into our work. This is important to not just us, but those we work with so are committed to full transparency.

If you don’t want to set up a campaign or commission research, then there is a way you can support our existing work! Head over to our Membership and Benefits Scheme to find out more.

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